Houston Vossen Work Wheels Dealer in Texas

EVS Motors is Houston’s and Texas Largest Vossen Wheels Work Dealer. Houston Vossen Work Wheels can be found in Houston, TX at EVS Motors Peformance studio.

Houston Vossen Work Wheels are the best that can be bought for you Nissan, Acura, Infiniti, Honda, Porsche, Ferrari, Ford and more.  Houston Vossen Work Wheels are premium wheels made in Japan for Vossen Wheels USA.

Houston Vossen Work Wheels are custom made wheels that are made to order.  They can be customized with varying colors made availabe by your Houston Vossen Work Wheels dealer EVS Motors.

If you have been on any social media platform within the past week, chances are you’ve seen speculation regarding a Vossen x Work Wheels collaboration.  Well, ladies and gents, its official. They will be in fact working together on a series of two-piece wheels designed in Miami, FL and produced in Japan.“Vossen X Work Collaboration
We couldn’t be more excited to present our new “Vossen x Work” line of two-piece wheels, designed and engineered in Miami and manufactured by Work in Japan. This marks one of the first times in the history of the wheel industry that two major manufacturers have joined forces to produce a collaborative line.

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Check out the new Vossen Work Wheels models below.


Houston Vossen Work Wheels

Houston Vossen Work Wheels

Houston Vossen Work Wheels


About Vossen Wheels:

The vossen mission

Vossen is dedicated to providing quality wheels and lifestyle products for those who value excellence. Our brand aims to reflect a passion for ingenuity and a desire to impact not only the automotive world, but culture at large.

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At Vossen, we place a high emphasis on design. Like our customers, we value the time and work that goes into creating and manufacturing products that are innovative and aesthetically pleasing. A commitment to providing our customers with the best has positioned Vossen at the forefront of our industry. From our events to our renowned world tours, our supporters feel a sense of pride in the standards we uphold.


Established with the intent to provide a superior product, today Vossen holds a position as one of the trendsetting brands in the industry. Our passion, muchlike our commitment to excellence, extends into every facet of what we do. From engineering to design and manufacturing, Vossen is redefining the landscape of modern wheel craftsmanship. With three decades of experience and a distribution network of over 36 countries across the world, our customers have come to expect nothing less than sheer quality and innovation.


Over time, the Vossen name has come to represent much more than a product. Millions have come to identify with our vision, taking cues from the ways in which we creatively engage our public as well as set the standard of perfection. From international media tours and weekly local gatherings to an ever-growing social media presence, Vossen is leading the way in an evolving automotive industry. Our team continues to apply the knowledge and skill with which the company was founded. Breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of creative output, Vossen is spearheading a movement of those who desire the best in performance and lifestyle. Roll with us as we create the culture of tomorrow.


For years, Vossen has represented a dedication to luxury of the highest order. All of our products are put through stringent testing toensure maximum efficiency and performance. This attention to detail allows for a consistency in everything that bears our name. As a result, we are able to offer an industry leading five year workmanship warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.