Houston’s best sunglasses

EVS Motors now carries Houston’s best sunglasses!

If you are looking for Houston’s best sunglasses, then you definitely have to take a look at Dillon Optics Performance Sunglasses. EVS Motors carries that special brand as the only performance studio in the United States. Usually sold by Optometrists only, we had to get these special sunglasses to offer our clients.

Houston's best sunglasses

Recognized for their unique look, Dillon Optics are not just looking good, they also are polarized and have a oleo-phobic coating on both sides of the lens to resist oil and water and make cleaning easier. The diffuse reflecting technology, which creates that satin finish look, is implemented within the lens to protect it from scratches and exposure of harmful environmental conditions.

Take a look at their available Models to find a style you like.

Houston's best sunglasses

Enjoy the best vision under any circumstances and say goodbye to glare. With these sunglasses you will not only be recognized and look good, you will have a more comfortable driving experience. Think about how you spend way beyond 200$ on other name brands that don’t benefit you like Dillon Optics Sunglasses would. Did you ever drive and the sun hit your sunglasses from an angle that reflects the light right into your eyes and blinds you for a few seconds? This will not happen to you with Dillon Optics. They are created as performance sunglasses and are used by pilots, professional race car drivers and truck lovers that spend a lot of their time off-roads. Come to our shop and try a few models. You will love them!