Mount Tires Safely – Touchless Tire Mount

We often have clients call us because they are looking to mount tires safely. Using cheaper alternative shops, the risk of getting your brand new wheels scratched is just too high for them. We are known to use a high quality machine. All parts that actually touch the wheel are plastic or rubber to ensure a safe install and minimize the risk of scratches.

Mount Tires Safely

We saw it way too many times. We even had clients here that got all four wheels scratched at the same place at the same time. You might think that a shop would stop after scratching the first wheel instead of mounting them all. You think wrong. Often cheap means not only lower quality but also less care. We make sure our techs take care of every wheel that comes in here as if it was their own.

Especially if you have a specific setup like stretched tires, floating spokes, an extreme offset or wheels that require reverse mount, our touchless mounting machine will make the difference.

All our wheels are balanced with the Hunter Roadforce Balance machine. To find out more about tire mount and roadforce balance, check out our previous.


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