New Aftermarket Wheels

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New aftermarket wheels can bring your car to another level. Break out of the boring stock wheel life and pick a set of wheels for your vehicle that make it one of a kind. If you are looking for a flush look or something more aggressive, our Brand Specialists can help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle. We work with main brands like ADV1, Vossen and Vorsteiner.

ADV1 Wheels

new aftermarket wheels

ADV1 Wheels are fully custom forged wheels that allows you to create a wheel just for you and your vehicle that does not exist a second time. Their designs are one of a kind and engineered to perfection. If you want a 1 piece, 2 piece or 3 piece wheel, hidden or exposed hardware and different finishes on the face or center of your wheel. With all the options to choose from ADV1, nothing stands in the way of you and your very own custom set of wheels. It does not matter if you have a Lamborghini Aventador or a Tesla Model S, these wheels will compliment any vehicle perfectly and will open you doors into a whole other world of luxury and prestige.

Take a look at the ADV1 Wheel collection here. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on new aftermarket wheels.


Vossen Wheels

new aftermarket wheels

Vossen Wheels are well known in the car scene. With a big social media presence and a huge following crowd, these wheels will be recognized anywhere around the world. Mainly known for their cast wheels that are available in fitments for many car models, Vossen stepped out of their ordinary routine in 2015 and released and entire new line of forged wheels. If you are on a 2000$ budget or are looking to get a custom wheel without missing out on the Vossen Swag, we can offer you either one with this brand. Recently, Vossen did something that has never been seen before and collaborated with Work Wheels. The new Vossen Work Wheels are available now.

Contact us for more information and to get your very own set of new aftermarket wheels. To see their wheel collection, click here.


Vorsteiner Wheels

new aftermarket wheels

Vorsteiner is specialized on European applications for vehicles of Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW and such. They offer forged and flow-forged wheels. The unique way flow-forged wheels are created is mesmerizing and opens us the door to lightweight, high quality wheels without breaking your bank. It starts with an initial casting that is placed onto a steel rim (1.) and will be molded into its final stage (2,3,4).

1.new aftermarket wheels2.new aftermarket wheels3.new aftermarket wheels4.new aftermarket wheels

Take a look at this video we found on YouTube, to get a better idea of the process.

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