Painted Chrome Delete for Tesla

Now we offer painted chrome delete for all our OCD clients that just want a durable and neat option.

If you are looking to modify the looks of your vehicle, you probably came across the words “chrome delete” plenty of times. We did a wide variety of black out packages with different types of vinyl to give our clients the custom look they are longing for. The most common ones are of course matte and gloss black.

Painted Chrome Delete

Vinyl can easily be removed to return to the stock look but also comes with downsides. In the Texas heat often film shrinks and exposes certain edges over time. Other environmental changes like weather can affect how long your vinyl wrap will last. Some of our clients are not big fans of vinyl wrap and the fact that it does not last forever. We work closely with a body shop to provide our clients with the option of painting their chrome delete rather than vinyl wrapping it. This will allow for a more durable and neat result that is long lasting.

We just finished painted chrome delete on this Tesla Model X. Check out the pictures below. Of course other colors are optional. Please inquire for more information and a custom quote for your vehicle.