Prior Design Body Kits for your car

PeopYou want to stand out from the crowd and break necks? Prior Design Body Kits will give you the cherry on top of your car sundae. If you have been active in the car scene you know that after market wheels are very common. Even though they change the look of a vehicle, it is pretty common to modify your car with simple changes like wheels. If you are ready to break out of the standard mods, a body kit is exactly what will get you there.

Prior Design Body Kits

Prior Design Body Kits and Fitment

Prior Design Body Kits are built to the highest standards to meet the world’s rigorous testing. This means that they exceed the German TÜV testing requirements. Maximum performance, durability, highest quality and a perfect fit is what Prior Design strived for and achieved. We have modified multiple vehicles with their body kits and are confident in their products and fitments. Since all parts come unpainted (recommended), a trusted, knowledgeable body shop should do the install.

Prior Design Body Kits are available for many different vehicles. Including Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Audi and many more. When you buy a body kit, it usually does not include any sort of paint or labor. All body kits require some sort of test fitting, where body shops usually modify it to fit seamless. Two of the same vehicle make and models are not necessarily the same when it comes to fitment. Cheaper body kits usually fit less well. This means that whatever you saved on the purchase, you will most likely spend on the install. It requires more work to make a low quality body kit fit and you often can tell even after the install.

Our work

As you can see, Prior Design Body Kits will give your vehicle a more exclusive look that people will recognize. People in the automotive industry know Prior Design for their designs and fitment. Below I will attach a few more projects we were able to work on. If you are interested in a body kit for your vehicle, call 888-878-2213 to speak to our specialists. Check out Prior Design’s homepage to see what body kits are available for your car and how they look. They also offer plenty of wide body kits.