Prior Design Tesla Model S Body Kit

The Prior Design Tesla Model S Body Kit


They call it the PD-S1000 Aerodynamic-Kit and it is the first Tesla Model S Body Kit on the market. Prior Design has been around for quite some time. With that much experience, they were ready to create a body kit for the most popular electric vehicle created so far. Embracing the natural body lines of the Model S, their body kit creates a more performance oriented and sporty look. All their parts are TÜV approved which gives you an idea of how much testing went into these kits. TÜV Germany tested and approved for performance, strength, durability and fitment of this body kit.

Tesla Model S Body Kit


The Kit includes the following

Front bumper with front spoiler

Rear bumper with diffusor

Side skirts

Rear trunk spoiler


Because we love it so much, we built two

We built the first two Tesla Model S with this body kit. To make it a bit more challenging we installed these kits on two different Model S options, one before and one after the new Tesla Face Lift. All parts were ordered unpainted because the best option is always to paint it locally by a professional body shop. This will allow perfect fitment and matching colors which is risky if you order pre-painted parts.

Once they arrived both Model S’s and the parts had to go to our body shop to get fitted. It will definitely be more work to fit this body kit on a Model S with the old front end. Keep this in mind. I will post pictures below of both Tesla’s we did to show you that it definitely is possible. All you need is a capable body shop or you can bring it to us and we get it done for you.

Once it fit perfectly, we painted it to match the vehicles paint and added the gloss black accents.

After the paint has cured it was time to put it all together. Here are the before and after pictures of both Model S’s.


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