Products & Services


Touch - Free Tire Changes

Our machine does not depend on the use of Tire Irons that most shops use that damage the wheels

High Performance Wheel Balancing

The best performing wheels are the best balanced wheels.

Cast and Forged Wheels

Customize your vehicle with a brand new set of wheels. Pick between cast, flow forged and forged wheels to find the perfect set for you.

Auto Detailing

From a basic wash to full paint corrections and ceramic glass coatings for your paint, we offer a broad spectrum of detailing services.

High Performance Window Tinting

Our high performance window films reject UV Rays and heat to protect your vehicle and make every drive cool and comfortable.

Clear-Bra Paint Protection

We install paint protection film on your vehicles painted panels to protect from rock chips, scratches and other minor damages.

General Maintenance

From High Performance Brake installations to basic maintenance.

Vehicle Surveillance Camera and Radar Detector Installation

Protect yourself and your vehicle with the top of the line surveillance camera and radar detector systems. We offer a hardwire install on these products for a clean install without wires that might get in your way.