Escort Passport Radar Detectors

Escort Passport Radar Detectors

Drive smarter.

Escort Passport Max 360

The All-New Max 360 provides directional alert arrows (front, side to side and rear indication), extreme range, lightning fast response time, pinpoint precision and directional alert display.

Dual antenna front + rear detection rapidly scans surrounding threats and GPS-powered AutoLearn technology intelligently rejects false alerts.

The Escort Passport Max 360 is the most advanced "plug-in and go" radar/laser detector on the market.

Passport Max CI

The Mack-Daddy of all radar and laser detectors. It is the ultimate balance of long-range performance, intelligent signal processing, simple intuitive controls, and the best overall driving experience ever developed.

The ESCORT MAX Ci is the best, most advanced detection system for the ultimate in driver alert and ticket protection on the planet. Designed to be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, it features front radar detection as well as front laser shifters that protect drivers against all speed monitoring devices.

Completely redesigned, the new ESCORT MAX Ci gives you smaller, more powerful laser shifters that defeat the latest in laser-based speed detection technology along with updatable IVT™ filters that reject false alerts from the latest in-motion vehicle safety systems like collision avoidance and lane departure systems.

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