Recommended Paint Protection Film coverage

If you always wondered what the recommended Paint Protection Film coverage really is, you found the right place. We install clear bra since many years and have installed multiple different coverage options. Paint Protection Film should be one of the first modifications you think of for your vehicle, well before ceramic coating or window tint. The reason for that is that Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the only thing that protects from impacts like rock chips and scratches. If you care about your new vehicle, to protect the paint from damages like that will have the highest priority.

recommended paint protection film coverage

The recommended Paint Protection Film coverage is…

We are aware that this kind of depends on your budget and of course on your preference. But we do recommend to at least cover the full front end of a vehicle. To explain you why, let me show you two pictures. One with a full front end coverage and one with a partial front end coverage.


On the left, the partial coverage, you can see how most of the hood and fenders are still exposed to damages. We once had a client get a partial front end installed, just for a rock to bounce off someone’s car and hit his hood, right above. I will not have to tell you that he was not happy about that. And that is exactly why we recommend to always cover at least the full front end of the vehicle. This will include the full hood, the front bumper, the full fenders and mirrors. However, there are many packages available that give additional coverage. Any painted panel can be covered and protected.

Template vs. Custom

There is another option that can make a big difference in the recommended Paint Protection Film coverage. To give you a better understanding, let me explain each term first. Template cut paint protection film is basically film that is cut out by a plotter through a program. Depending on which program is used, this will determine the fitment and coverage of the film on the panel. Since vehicles are not designed to be covered with paint protection film, some panels require release cuts when they are very curvy. This can lead to exposed areas to make the fitment of the film better and easier to install. This will be a more cost effective option, due to less waste material and less labor involved.

For custom cut paint protection film, we use a large piece of film and stretch it over the panel, wrap edges if applicable and try to cover the panel without seam lines. This version will give you a better coverage but is more time consuming and wastes more material in the process.

It is up to you which version you prefer. We often combine both techniques to give you the best result in a good time frame. If you had questions about paint protection film for your car, call 888.878.2213 or email sales@evsmotors.com.