Custom built Search&Destroy Ford F-250

After we built and sold nine custom modified Hummer H1’s we were looking for a new project and our brand new Ford F-250 was the perfect candidate. Already being a very massive vehicle, we wanted to find ways to make it’s presence even more dominant. With the experience we gained during our last projects, we figured out quickly what we want.

The story of our Search&Destroy Ford F-250

Before showing the progress and final result, we will first give you a view of how it all started.

We decided to go with a body kit from Fab Fours and ADD with Rigid lights.

First we installed the ADD HoneyBadger Chase Rack Base. Then we removed the front bumper and fenders to start fit the Fab Fours Grumper Bumper.

We gradually added black satin Avery vinyl wrap to give it a more stealthy look. Next we cut the fenders to fit the Fab Fours open fender system with flares.

Next on the list was the Vicowl windshield armor. We went with the 4-light insert and mounted Rigid lights. This was the last step of the body modifications.

At this point you can clearly see how the stock wheels get lost in this aggressive setup. We ordered forged Forgiato wheels and off-road tires to bring the entire thing together. Below you can see the finished product with all modifications.