Spectra Photosync Houston Transitional Tint

Spectra Photosync Houston Solar Adaptive Transitional Tint

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It has been proven that with our window films you reduce the amount of total solar heat. This type of heats causes a lot of interior damages, so it is important to reduce it. Solar heat can cause damage to leather, cloth and vinyl surfaces. Solar heat can also cause discomfort to yourself by making the interiors feel like a sauna through massive amounts of heats being absorbed by the interior without tint protection. This is a super advanced Japanese product that adapts and transitions with thermal heat. The hotter it gets, the more the heat rejection properties increase! Not other product like it on the market. S.A.T. Solar Adaptive Transitional Tint is the ultimate tint money can buy.

Spectra Photosync Houston

The most advanced technology in automotive window film comes in our Spectra PhotoSync Houston ® Series. Utilizing the latest in our Solar Adaptive Coating (SAC), this nano technology window film adjusts its solar energy rejecting properties based on solar intensity. The uniqueness to PhotoSync® lies in the integration of two key technologies:

Solar Adaptive Nano Coating
This coating will adjust itself once certain wavelengths of the solar spectrum are exposed to the film. This will trigger an immediate adjustment of the film’s heat rejecting properties to synchronize with solar intensity. This transitional effect increases Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) up to 79% while retaining an impressively light and clear shade.
Infrared Rays (IR) Coating Integration
The solar spectrum consists of 3 main properties: Ultraviolet, Visible light, and Infrared Rays (IR). IR accounts for 53% of the spectrum, so PhotoSync’s® high 98.5% IR rejection rate serves as a constant measure of product performance. The technological advances of Prestige’s coatings allows for high performance of PhotoSync® without the use of any metallics, which means no interference of wireless transmission signals (e.g. GPS, cell signals, radio waves, keyless entry systems, satellite, etc.).
PhotoSync® will continuously produce up to 98.5% IR rejection between 950nm-2500nm.
UV Protection

PhotoSync®, also rejects 99.5% of ultraviolet rays (both UVA and UVB), which means occupants and the interior components of your vehicle are protected from harmful UV rays.

Gone are the days of using old window tint technologies to protect new technology vehicles. Ask for PhotoSync® from your local tint installer.
Spectra PhotoSync Houston ® Performance chart

Spectra Photosync Houston

Featured below is the Spectra Photosync Tint at 75%.

Spectra Photosync Houston

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