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We’ve been extremely honored to have the opportunity to work on countless Tesla vehicles throughout the years.

This page is created to specifically showcase all the popular services and products our Tesla clients have all come to know and love.

Click on any of the products/services below to learn more how they specifically benefit your Tesla.

Paint Protection Film

The perfectly clear choice in protecting your paint for years.

Heat Blocking Window Film

Experience the ultimate interior comfort. Maximize your Tesla’s range by lowering your A/C usage.

Vinyl Wrap / Chrome Deletion

Restyle your Tesla with a new touch of color, or change it up entirely.

Bespoke Wheels

From affordable, pre-made wheels to fully tailored sets, personalize your Tesla just the way you want.

Screen Protectors

Protect your touchscreen display from fingerprints, glare, and scratches.

Aerodynamic / Body Kits

Perfect solutions for adding sportiness to the car while making your Tesla truly unique.

Enhanced Audio

Jamming to your favorite songs has never been more fun.

Ceramic Coating / Paint Correction

Remove any light scratches and swirl marks and add a deep layer of shine onto your paint that’ll last for years.

Brake Caliper Painting

Get the red calipers, or another great color you prefer.