Tesla – Ceramic Coating / Paint Correction

re-vitalize, restore, rejuvenate

No matter how old or new (yes, even just rolled out from the dealership) your car is, there’s scratches and swirl marks on your car already. Over time, these accumulate and dull out the beauty of your paint. With proper care and maintenance, you can achieve a level of paint clarity and gloss that’s even better than the first day you received it.

Paint Correction

Most of us are familiar with scratches, but swirl marks affect our paint just as much. They normally show up as a bunch of thin circular lines. Like scratches, swirl marks affect the shine in our paint because it obstructs the light from having a clear surface to reflect off of, resulting in dull finish. A paint correction service can be done to remove these scratches and swirl marks to help bring back a clearer surface to enhance the gloss factor. We offer various levels of paint correction for scratch/swirl mark conditions ranging from light to severe.

Ceramic Coating

Gone are the days we would spend hours waxing our cars, only to last a couple of months before we’d have to redo it. Thanks to the innovation of ceramic coatings, we’re able to achieve even more gloss, more durability, and more longevity than wax could ever give us. All hail the new king.

We offer various levels of longevity starting from a year to 5+ years. After ever wash, your car will shine to its full potential. You’ll never have to wax again.

Model 3 is paint corrected (stage 1) and ceramic coated to achieve a higher than factory shine. Hydrophobic test at the end to demo the ceramic coating at work.
Clearbra vs Ceramic Coating — What’s the difference? This video explains the 2 separate products so you can choose what’s right for you.
Model 3 ceramic coated, so a quick water beading test to demo the coating’s properties.
Model S coated with 5 layers of ceramic coating. Insane gloss!!
Model Y with ceramic coating on the vinyl wrap to make it easier to clean and stay clean. Water beading test at the end.