Tesla – Screen Protectors

GlareShield for Model S & X

Tesla's innovative high-definition 17" interactive screen is a marvel in design and construction. This screen was designed for constant use, which means fingerprints will be left behind. Along with the generous use of glass in Teslas, there is also glare on the screen that impairs visibility in certain angles. With our expertise in coatings technology, we developed an impact resistant Glareshield™ screen protection film in 2014 for the Model S, which also fits in the current Model X.

ANTI-SHOCK PROTECTION – Rated at 9 mils thick, the screen will be well protected from impacts

PROPER FITMENT – Laser cut to fit, so no cutting involved

DESIGN – Designed specifically for the Tesla Model S's screen angle to obtain highest angled clarity

SENSETOUCH COMPLIANT – Will not impair screen's tactile response and feedback

NANO OIL RESISTANT COATING – The oily residue in fingerprints actually impair the screen's visibility when it is overcome by fingerprints. GlareShield™ reduces 90% of fingerprints

ANTI-GLARE COMPOSITION – 35% glare reduction with minimal effect on clarity

EASE OF APPLICATION – GlareShield™ comes with a silicone based adhesive that does not require water application. Last thing you want to do is to get your screen wet

  • GlareShield for Model S & X

  • $79
  • Price includes installation.

Protector Glass for Model 3

With the latest introduction of the new Model 3, we offer a specific screen protecting solution for the newly designed screen size.

Anti-Glare - glare reduction with minimal effect on clarity

Oleophobic Coating - Finger print resistant from daily usage

Delicate Touch - Will not impair screen feedback or tactile response

Light transmission rate of up to 99%

  • Screen Protector for Model 3

  • $79
  • Price includes installation.