The Best Sunglasses

Dillon Optics are officially the best sunglasses you can get as a passionate driver

EVS Motors now offers Dillon Optics, the best sunglasses you can get with the most unique style. The matte finish does not only make you look like a badass, it also includes the NIR Techology this brand is known for.

To specify, NIR stands for “Non Image Reflecting” and as the name states this technology reduces internal reflections within the lens. The Dillon NIR lenses have been described as satin, matte, matte mirror and as a dull finish lens. The NIR lenses provide eye protection from the Sun by blocking 100% of harmful UV Rays “Ultra Violet Light”. Because of the reduced internal reflections these sunglasses can be worn more comfortably in reduced light settings such as indoors. No other sunglasses can match Dillon Optics NIR Lens Technology.

The diffuse reflecting technology is enclosed within the lens to protect it from scratching or exposure to harmful environmental conditions. NIR lenses have oleo-phobic coatings on the front and back surfaces to resist oil and moisture. This makes cleaning easier. The result is a durable lens with outstanding optics and a unique satin finish appearance.

Take a look at their sunglass collection

the Best sunglasses

This is “Drake” one of the favorites of our clients. It is available in different colors of frame and lenses.

the best sunglasses

Their blue lenses are a hit as well. You should definitely come to our Studio and try some of the models we have in stock. You will fall in love with them once you see the matte finish live.