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Velos Designwerks TuningVelos Designwerks Tuning

There are many companies on the market offering ECU (electronic control unit) tunes for your vehicle, but none are quite like Velos Designwerks Tuning. With the promise of power comes great responsibility. Most companies don’t quite tell you that tunes, if done incorrectly, can come with many downsides. Velos Designwerks creates tunes customized to each specific vehicle year, make and model to unlock as much power as possible without compromising drivability.

Why can ECU tunes make your car better?

The answer is quite simple. Nearly every vehicle on the road today has been de-tuned for multiple reasons. Quite often it was simply to assure a cost effective production of different vehicle models, and versions within the same model, without the requirement to change too many components. Which means that your engine might be capable of much more than what the manufacturer is willing to admit. To make your vehicle drive to its full potential is really quite a simple process. You vehicle does not require any physical alterations. The engineers at Velos Designwerks Tuning download a copy of the software from your vehicle and then upload a modified file. This will greatly improve the cars performance with the following benefits:

  • improvements of fuel economy by 10-15%
  • removal of the speed limiter
  • raised rpm resulting in increased in power
  • quicker acceleration
  • smooth acceleration with no flat spots or hesitation.

Velos Designwerks Tuning


Velos Designwerks’ engineers communicate with the vehicle’s engine management systems. This allows them to thoroughly inspect all areas of the control module. Through this, Velos engineers acquire an understanding for what the powertrain is capable of delivering in terms of reliable power. The benefit is quite clear, all safety parameters set by the factory engineers will be maintained.

Velos Designwerks performance software key features include but are not limited to:

  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Re-calibrated settings for a smoother part throttle transitions
  • Re-calibrated settings for a smoother and more linear power delivery
  • Raised RPM thresholds (where applicable)
  • Increased Boost levels (where applicable)
  • Re-calibrations for end user’s available premium fuel (91/93oct. or 100oct)
  • Off road only/track use tunes available.
  • Top Speed Limiter removal
  • Exhaust burble & “pops” (where applicable)
  • Some features will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Please contact us directly to speak to a specialist.

If you had questions regarding a tune for your vehicle, please call our specialists at 888.878.2213 or email sales@evsmotors.com. You can also check out Velos Designwerks‘ homepage for additional information.