Vossen Forged Lip Concept Wheels

Make your pick : Vossen Forged Lip Concept Series

Vossen Forged started their journey last year with a big boom. New beginnings have to be celebrated with new wheel concepts and their Vossen Forged Lip Concept Series sure is one of a kind.

Vossen Forged Lip Concept

These are just a few of the amazing creations Vossen Forged came up with. Especially intense colors look amazing on this series. It is the perfect way to add some life and color to your vehicle. I ran into many people that cannot imagine a set of these wheels on any car, but I will show you here that these can look good on any car with the right set up and color combination.


BMW 3 series Wagon with LC 107 in brushed patina gold

Vossen Forged Lip Concept


VW GTI with LC106T in brushed/polished gloss clear

Vossen Forged Lip Concept

Ford Mustang with LC103 in brushed/polished gloss clear

Vossen Forged Lip Concept

As you see, any vehicle can look amazing with these wheels. Daily driver, family wagon or sports car, the Vossen Forgect Lip Concept Series will bring you to another level. Be recognized on the streets and stand out of the crowd. Stand with Vossen as pioneer of this vision, to create a new, unique look for EVERY vehicle.


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