EVS Motors is the Houston Dealer for Thinkware Dash Cams! | U1000

EVS Motors is excited to announce that we have begun to carry Thinkware Dash Cams!

Thinkware dash cams say this is the new benchmark in dash cams!  EVS Motors is officially the largest dealer and distributor for ThinkWare Dash Cams in Houston, Texas.

thinkware, dashcam, u1000

The Thinkware U1000 is Thinkware’s newest flagship model that delivers sharp native 4K video quality and boasts a comprehensive driver assistance warning system to help keep drivers safe on the road. The U1000 is capable of being a 2 channel camera. This means you can purchase the separate rear camera to work in harmony with the front-facing Thinkware U1000 dashcam. Additionally, this rear dashcam comes with a 2K QHD rearview camera and hardwiring cable for complete, best-in-class 24/7 all-round protection.

Dynamic Recording @60fps

Thinkware dashcams have something called dynamic recording. Therefore, the video resolution can decrease from 4K @30fps down to 2K @60fps for smoother videos and making license plate reading a breeze.


Wide Angle View

Front View Camera – 150º + Rear View Camera – 156º

Uncompromised video coverage with wide viewing angles,so you never miss a moment.


These mount perfectly to the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X!


Energy Saving 2.0

Energy Saving 2.0 in Parking Surveillance mode records footage triggered by impacts only, allowing the dash cam to reduce power consumption and remain in Parking mode for a longer duration.

*Optional Radar Module is separate.
*Parking Surveillance mode requires Hardwiring Cable and installation (professional installation recommended).

thinkware, u1000, dashcam

Radar Module

When in Energy Saving Mode 2.0, the Radar Module allows the U1000 dash cam to extend its Parking Surveillance mode duration by reducing the power consumption. When a motion is detected by the Radar Module, the U1000 wakes up and gets ready to record. If an impact is detected, a 20-second video (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact) is saved in a dedicated folder on the MicroSD card. When no impacts are detected, the U1000 does not save the footage and resumes Energy Saving Mode 2.0.

 *Optional Radar Module is separate.
* Radar motion detection requires optional Radar Module, and only enabled in Energy Saving Mode 2.0.
* Sedan or greater sized vehicle are detectable. People passing by will not be detectable.
* Due to the nature of Ultra-high Frequency radiation, the distance and degree of detection can be different.
* Not every object will be detectable.
* Metal object can cause malfunction of the radar detection.
* Read the user manual before using radar module

Link to their official website: Thinkware