Why choose EVS Motors?

1. We are insured!
– We understand that sometimes things happen that are out of our control. No matter how unlikely an incident may be, we want to be sure we have the one thing we can control: a fully insured studio to best serve you. You can be at peace knowing that we are protected, so we can better protect you.

2. Focused, Streamlined Products!
– We handpick the highest quality of products and services available in the market, which means there’s only a couple of brands we carry per category. You save time and a lot of headaches, because we’ve narrowed down and filtered out all of the other brands that we know you will not like! Choosing has never been easier and clearer for you.

3. Maximum Protection for your Property!
– We truly believe in “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” We understand it takes a lot of trust from you to leave your pride and joy with us, so we want to make we take serious steps to protect you. ALL vehicles are parked inside our garage by the end of the day. Combined with our insurance, steel garage doors, metal shutters, and metal barricades surround the vehicles during the night. Surveillance cameras are on 24 hours a day from all angles of our studio, inside and out. Rest assured knowing that when we lock up, your vehicle is locked in.

4. Meeting Your Needs is our Number 1 Goal!
– Everyone is different from the way they breathe, to the way they dress, and to the car they drive. We understand that your needs may not be the same as everyone else’s needs, so why treat you like everyone else? We make it our mission to listen and help you with what you value most. What needs do you have? What is most important to you? We’re listening.

5. #WeBringtheGame!
– As our slogan stands, we strive to bring the best of everything we do and offer to you. The products you see in our showroom, from air fresheners to the most custom, bespoke wheels, are all chosen for a reason: surpassing satisfaction. We are a boutique studio that focuses on the highest quality of products and services, so we can make sure your needs and wants are met. There are thousands of brands and manufacturers out there, but only a few pass our test of quality and support with flying colors. You will find them all in one place—only at EVS Motors.