Common Tint Myths

Most Common Window Tint Myths/Misconceptions

1. “Window tints only do one thing—darken your windows.”

It can be if that’s all you’re looking for, but times have changed! Today, window tints can offer way more benefits than ever before, besides just darkening your windows so people can’t see in. They can offer UV ray rejection (UVA and UVB) for skin and interior protection, glare reduction, and maybe the most important feature of all—heat rejection.

2.  “If you want the best heat rejection, you have to go really dark.”

That may have been the case a long time ago, but that couldn’t be further from the truth today! There are tints out there that are incredibly clear and block dramatically MORE heat than even blacked out limo tint. You don’t have to compromise visibility/clarity for heat rejection any more.

3. “Anything with ‘ceramic’ is good.”

While ceramic tints tend to block more heat than say dyed or some metallic tints, it’s become more of a trendy word in the window tint market than anything else. A lot companies recognize this, so they tend to throw in “ceramic” in any of their films. They justify it by adding a little bit of ceramic material in the tint when actually it’s made up of mostly other properties—like dye or metals. This means you could be potentially getting a film that will still turn purple over time (dye) or have signal interference (metallic).  These are also known as hybrid films. Very few brands actually sell 100% ceramic tints, or ceramic tints that don’t contain metals or your typical dyed tint properties. If you find them, they are usually higher in price due to quality and having higher heat rejection than hybrid films.

4. “If you have darker tint, it’ll detract thieves.”

You should always hide your valuables and belongings out of plain sight, or take them with you when you leave your car. Do not rely on tint as theft prevention!

5. “My car isn’t that nice, and it’s pretty old. I don’t need good tint on there.”

That all may be true, but tint in reality isn’t actually for your car—it’s for you! It’s for your family, your friends, and whoever sits in your car. Tints no longer are just for aesthetics. They help prevent premature aging like wrinkles, brown spots, sagging, and skin cancer. Studies have shown that majority of skin cancers develop on the left side of the body. It’s no coincidence that the driver seat is on the left side of the car! Tints can also help make driving more comfortable by keeping the interior cool, as well as reducing your A/C usage.

6. “I don’t need good tint, my car is parked most of the time in the garage/parking garage, so it stays cool.”

It may stay cool right now, but when you pull it out and are actually in the car, heat will start flooding the interior immediately. It honestly doesn’t matter if the car is cool when it’s in the garage, because you aren’t in the car to enjoy the temperature! The only time you’re in it is when it’s being driven—outside of the garage and in direct sunlight!